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Celebration to Equipment Branch Company for Getting Multiple Supply Order of Starch Continuous Preparation System

Article source:China Light Industry Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd.   Update time:2017-07-19 14:40:31   Browsing times:

After years of research and development from Equipment Branch Company of CLWD, the first domestic set of fully automatic sizing starch continuous preparation system on paper surface has been successfully committed to run in Golden Phoenix Paper Industry. Its high degree of automation, high production efficiency, steady product quality, low production energy consumption and other advantages have been widely accepted by customers.

The research and development project of fully automatic sizing starch continuous preparation system on paper surface has won the support from Sinolight Corporation by setting up innovation and technology fund in 2016. According to the research and development scheme and requirements, Equipment Branch Company has fulfilled the system installation & test-run and parameter measurement & perfection, published relevant articles and completed achievements identification over the first half year of 2017. The system can be widely applied to high-grade paper production line which needs surface sizing, such as packaging paper, culture paper and so on. Compared with the imported continuous preparation system from overseas with high prices, such domestic system developed independently by Equipment Branch Company of CLWD has undoubtedly attracted many customers from papermaking industry to visit and investigate on site, and earned marvelous market feedback. Equipment Branch Company has signed four sets of such system supply contracts just over the first half year of 2017. Up to now, Equipment Brach Company has accumulatively signed ten sets of such system supply contracts, four sets of which have been put into production, two sets of which are under test-run, three sets of which are about to be installed soon, and one set of which is being designed and manufactured. Now numbers of supply contracts are still under negotiation, and two or three sets of such system supply contracts are in hopeful anticipation for the second half year of 2017.

System Test-run on Site for PM6PM7A in Golden Phoenix Paper Industry