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Celebration of Successful Completion of EPC Project in Mali

Article source:China Light Industry Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd.   Update time:2016-05-09 14:28:59   Browsing times:

 Through six years of hard work, CLWD has successfully completed the phaseⅠⅡ&of 6000 TCD sugar cane land development EPC project, N-SUKALA, Mali on February of 2016.

It is the first overseas agricultural land development EPC project of CLWD. The total contract sum is 450 million RMB with net planting area 8610 hectares (almost equally to 86.1 square kilometers), construction site area nearly 150 square kilometers, canal excavation length 295.71 kilometers and road construction 620.53 kilometers. As the largest single contract in the agricultural history of Mali, the project scale is incredible for both domestic and overseas markets and land development precision is also rarely seen all of which have marked deeply on the Google map.

Due to its importance to our business development, the company leaders pay high attention to such project and get fully support from each department to ensure the project move forward smoothly. At the early period of project planning stage, we have done the pre-project investigation, design and planning and built a strong project group team immediately.

The team has special ability to endure hardship to fight!

During last six years, such group team has undergone an experience from zero to everything, from disorder to order and from blind and exploring to be effortless and skilled. Always adhering to solidarity, innovation and tenacity as the spirit of CLWD, they are fearless of hardships and dangers, dare to be pioneers, overcome difficulties and explore tenaciously. The project team has organized almost 500 domestic and local employees, arranged more than 110 bulldozers, excavators, rollers and other types of machinery equipments, worked outside under the high temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius, conquered malaria, Ebola virus, snakes, military coup in Mali, northern terrorism and other difficulties, walked between live and death, passed through battles and war, survived the limit but still stood at the front line. With life, wisdom, sweat and tears, they have developed 90 square kilometers’ virgin jungle into modern agricultural sugar cane planting oasis.

Owing to the insistence of Mali project department, CLWD has finally successfully completed the contract contents, realized the whole process services from design, procurement to construction, accumulated a whole set of rich and valuable agricultural land development EPC experience, and also possessed EPC technology for various kinds of land development projects such as sprinkler irrigation land, drip irrigation land and furrow irrigation land. With the economic benefits it brings, the project has become a milestone for China Light Industry Group on the overseas EPC project.

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