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From the early 1990s, CLWD has been engaged in EPC business for more than 20 years. With the progress of the times, the domestic engineering management theory has been gradually globalized. The method of EPC has been accepted and adopted by more and more employers. Now CLWD are thoroughly carrying out EPC business on large real estate projects, industrial reconstruction or renovation projects and even various overseas civil or industrial projects. The success of these projects has accumulated rich experience and cultivated lots of excellent talents for development of engineering management. And CLWD has gained a good reputation and goodwill in the industry.

Since the restructuring of enterprise, the development strategy of CLWD has defined the company as a domestically and internationally well-known project management engineering company. With the assistance from the Group and under the urge of the company leaders, CLWD are vigorously transforming from the traditional designing company to the design-oriented EPC Company. To meet the marketing requirements, CLWD has adopted flexible project management modes including EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) for the whole process of project or some stage of project, D-B (Design-Build), E-P (Engineering Design-Procurement) and P-C (Procurement –Construction).Whatever the management modes are adopted, the mature management methods, excellent personnel and the professional dedication spirit for customers and projects are highly praised and recognized by domestic and overseas employers.